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GOJO® Citrus Ginger Foam Hand & Showerwash

This all-in-one body wash, shampoo, and hand soap offers a refreshing blend of citrus extracts and ginger to enhance the shower experience. Enriched with natural moisturizers and conditioners for skin and hair. USDA certified biobased formulation. EcoLogo™ certified. Foaming formula delights users while supporting a healthy environment.

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GOJO® ADX™ 700 mL Refill

  • GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refill helps lock out germs
  • Durable, recyclable PET bottle uses 30% less material than standard rigid HDPE
  • Patent pending GOJO CONTROLLED COLLAPSE technology keeps bottle shape longer while emptying
  • Crystal clarity for visual appeal and easier monitoring of fill level
  • Fresh dispensing valve with each refill
  • Removable pump promotes easier recycling
8713-04 GOJO® ADX™ 700 mL Refill 4
Dispensing Options

8780-06GOJO® ADX-7™ Dispenser - White
8784-06GOJO® ADX-7™ Dispenser - Grey
8786-06GOJO® ADX-7™ Dispenser - Black
8788-06GOJO® ADX-7™ Dispenser - Chrome

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