Driver Bios

Rich Hanna

World Record Holder - Jet-Propelled Champion 

Rich Hanna launches his jet-propelled ‘GOJO Firebird’ Pontiac Jet Funny Car down a quarter-mile blacktop track at speeds which have reached his world record of 295.08 miles an hour. That works out to nearly five miles per minute!

How does it feel being behind the wheel of a jet thrust-driven race car? A little scary at first, the Pratt & Whitney teardown inspector and jet engine machinist admits.

Yes, Rich works at a jet engine plant when not behind the wheel of his GOJO Firebird. His is a sport not for the weak of heart. Rich sustains four positive G forces at takeoff and hits top speed in just a quarter mile. It takes a brake and a chute to stop him at 6 Gs as he decelerates.

His demanding schedule has taken Rich and his top-notch team all over America and to Canada, Brazil and Puerto Rico. Indispensable team members include his father, Al Hanna, and crew chief Jeff Robillard.”Every person has his job,” says Rich. “Preparing for the next run requires focus and precision.” Not to mention steady nerves and a dash of courage. Rich’s most important steadying influence is his family—wife, Jen, and his kids JR, Alan and Megan.


Ken Hall

“Top Secret” Pontiac Firebird Jet Funny Car

Ken Hall grew up working as pit crew on his father’s alcohol FC, the “Shenandoah”, and also behind the scenes at his hometown track, Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, PA. Ken was touring with this father’s blown coupe in the “Hot Rod from Hell” when he eventually took over those driving duties at 27. He was a natural behind the wheel.

More recently, he has been a member of the NHRA “Safety Safari.”

In 2001, Al and Rich Hanna were looking for a driver for their “Top Secret” Jet Funny Car. Ken fit the profile needed to drive the “most technologically advanced” Jet Funny Car in the world. Not only is he a great driver, he is wonderful with the fans. He was licensed in early 2002, and has been thrilling fans nationwide ever sense.

Ken has aspirations for the future to drive a Nostalgia front engine fuel dragster and be a motorsports broadcaster. His vibrant personality and drive will make those both obtainable goals.

Jill Canuso-Fazekas Hanna Motorsports

Jill Canuso-Fazekas

Queen of Diamonds – 310 MPH Jet Dragster

Jill began attending races before she was born. Her father drag raced motorcycles during the 1960’s and 1970’s so, Jill was exposed to body-shaking horsepower and fuel fumes at a very early age. Eager to learn how bikes and cars worked, she stuck by his side at the machine shop and garage. At only 5 years old, Jill launched her racing career on 2 wheels at a Flat-Track motorcycle race. After taking her very first checkered flag, she declared; “I want to race every day for the rest of my life.” A few years and a lot of checkered flags later, Jill is considered a seasoned and accomplished veteran in the Motor Sports industry.
Today, she continues to pursue her childhood dream with unwavering passion and devotion. 
Her racing experience includes: AMA Flat Track & Drag Motorcycle, Micro Sprint, Midget Car, SCCA Solo 2, Road Racing, Professional Monster Truck Racing (driving the sponsored Monster Truck for Live Nation.) Currently, she drives the 'Queen of Diamonds II' 300mph+ Jet Dragster for Hanna Motorsports. **Voted one of the '10 Hottest Women in Drag Racing' by Drag Illustrated Magazine - 2013**

In addition, Jill has spent more than 20 years working in many facets of the Motorsports Industry. Including product design, branding, marketing and sales. Currently, she holds the position of Marketing Director at S&W Race Cars & Components, as well as providing agency services for a select group of corporations and individuals. She now lives in Pottstown, Pennsylvania with her husband, Rod and their two crazy cats.


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