PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer

Program Benefit

PURELL Perfect Placement Program Benefits

PURELL Perfect Placement

PURELL®. One simple action.
One huge benefit.







Reduce the risk of germs leaving the restroom
and improve the image of your building.

Install PURELL at the restroom exit and you'll be amazed by the effect:

  • Better hand hygiene habits
  • Cleaner restrooms
  • Patrons and employees will thank you

Proven results in reduced absenteeism
Results of outcome studies show significant decreases in absenteeism due to illness when hand hygiene education programs with alcohol based hand sanitizers have been implemented.

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PURELL® Advanced
Instant Hand Sanitizer

PURELL Advanced Products

Find out more about PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer, offering unprecedented germ kill in a skin-friendly formulation.

Did You Know

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PURELL® is America's #1 instant hand sanitizer 1

It's the brand people know and trust.

1. PURELL is the largest-selling instant hand sanitizer brand in food, drug and mass merchandise retailers according to Information Resources International, Inc.

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