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Make a Lasting Difference

 GOJO Programme for Hospitality and Leisure
Increasing guest loyalty may be the smartest business investment a hotel chain can make. Loyal customers drive increasing profits from repeated stays and recommendation.
Make a lasting difference with every guest.
  • START with a gift of PURELL® Hand Sanitiser in each guest room. Guests will use this travel essential days after their stay and remember your thoughtfulness long after check out.
  • EXTEND to washrooms and banquet areas. A single trip to the buffet or washroom can impact a guests' impression of the entire operation. Luxurious, environmentally preferred hand soaps such as GOJO® foam soap and PURELL are available in dispensers designed to simplify your maintenance routine and extend your guests’ quality experience
  • COMPLETE your care with employees. Your team appreciates PURELL when interacting with guests, handling money, or taking a break. Offering PURELL is a simple, affordable way to show you care about their well-being.
  • Dispensing options available for all environments in the hotel
  • SANITARY SEALED™ refills – safe, smart, simple

Explore the GOJO programme for Hotels to see how we may be of assistance.

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