Obtaining Relevant Product Certifications

G4-DMA, Indicator

GOJO is proud to offer the world’s largest portfolio of third-party certified hand hygiene products. In talking with our customers and monitoring our sales, we see increasing interest in adopting third-party certified products to support customer sustainability objectives. Today, there is a growing expectation that our products deliver “human and environmental health benefits” in addition to our long-standing reputation for high performance, explains Nicole Koharik, GOJO Corporate Communications Director.

With third-party certified products, customers don’t need to be experts in green chemistry. They can choose better options for human health and the environment with the knowledge that highly respected, third-party organizations have taken a science-based approach to verify our products’ effectiveness, safety profiles, and sustainability benefits, and have audited our operations to ensure we are producing them in sustainable ways.

Our Regulatory Team collaborates with project teams and product managers to assess our products against third-party standards, and manage the certification process with third-party agencies. Additionally, our Regulatory Team provides valuable guidance to help our GOJO teams design products to meet third-party certification standards. “When we decide to pursue product certifications, we determine which certifications are most valuable, then we develop the product within the requirements and work with the third-party organization to provide the necessary documentation, testing, and feedback required for approval,” says Nicky Mortensen, GOJO Regulatory Affairs Specialist.

Double global sales from products with third-party certifications by 2020

How We Measure: Global sales from third-party certified products divided by total sales. Third-party certifications included:

  • EcoLogo (North America)
  • Ecolabel (Europe)
  • USDA BioPreferred (United States)
  • Green-Tag Certified (Australia)
  • ABNT Colibri Green Seal
  • US EPA Safer Choice – DfE (Design for Environment)

Note: Only GOJO sales, Laboratoires Prodene Klint products not included

Percent of GOJO global sales from our third-party certified products

We experienced continued organic growth of our third-party certified hand hygiene portfolio in 2016, across markets. We expect significant progress in 2017 to be driven by new product launches, including the expansion of the PURELL® brand into the surface category, and further innovation.

David Miller,
Market Development Director, PURELL® Brand

Expanding the PURELL® Brand Portfolio with DfE Certified Surface Sprays
In 2016, GOJO introduced a revolutionary line of new products from the PURELL Brand, designed to leverage our expertise in germ kill on skin, and apply it to surface disinfection and cleaning. Breaking into a new category brought a steep learning curve, including developing an Enterprise core competency in EPA surface regulations.

Through our development process, we created products that not only rapidly kill germs in as little as 30 seconds, but also achieved the EPAs lowest allowable toxicity rating, meaning they require no precautionary statements, handwashing after use, or signal words like “danger.” “warning,” or “caution.”

The EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) certification recognizes products that meet specific criteria with regards to ingredients, lifecycle analysis, environmental impacts and industry best practices. PURELL Surface Sprays were formulated to meet these requirements, and our commitment to creating a product that is both effective and sustainable allowed us to create an industry-changing product.

The audacious goal of “no trade-offs”—that is, products that are both safe and effective with no compromise—galvanized teams across the enterprise, including Healthy Places, Sales, Regulatory, R&D, Supply Chain, and Market Research.

Innovation on this scale takes a cooperative effort by everyone, and for this project, we implemented several new processes. “We embraced a culture of learning and growth”, said David Miller, Market Development Director, PURELL® Brand. “We not only had to educate our internal GOJO teams on the new products and EPA regulations, but also many of our distributor partners and end users.”

Dewain Garner, Product Development Principal Scientist II, played a role in developing these new formulations, and shed some light on the process, saying, “We chose ingredients for their low impact on the environment during manufacturing, and their low persistence in the environment after use.”

This sharing of knowledge helped us set a strong example for how to create Sustainable Value on a large scale. In doing so, we created revolutionary new products that uphold the safe, effective, and better for you pillars of the PURELL brand, without doing harm to the environment.

PURELL® Brand HEALTHY SOAP® Product is Formulated to Achieve ECOLOGO® & USDA Biobased Certifications
In 2016, GOJO introduced a new line of PURELL® brand HEALTHY SOAP® products, which feature ingredients that help our customers enjoy the benefits of an effective hand soap, along with the added reassurance from a product that was created with the environment in mind.

HEALTHY SOAP® products achieved both USDA Biobased and UL ECOLOGO® certifications. Earning two high-profile certifications for reduced environmental impact and sustainability throughout the lifecycle creates a tremendous amount of Sustainable Value for our customers and other stakeholders, and fits the PURELL brand promise itself.

From the beginning of this project, we sought to use ingredients that not only came from renewable sources, but also left minimal traces in the environment after use. Venkat Padyachi, Product Development Senior Scientist II, helped manage the development of our HEALTHY SOAP® products, and added, “As we developed these products, we applied our sustainable chemistry practices every step of the way. The result is a portfolio of high-performance products, made with even safer, more sustainable raw materials that minimize our environmental footprint.”

HEALTHY SOAP® products are the next chapter in our sustainable chemistry work, and have been a great proving ground to realize that using renewable, environmentally responsible ingredients can lead to breakthroughs in the way we create our products.