Foster a Culture of Sustainable Value

G4-DMA, Indicator

Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOWSM) is our unique approach to integrating sustainability into everything we do. With SWOWSM, GOJO team members consider the social, environmental and economic impacts of their decisions and strive to make a difference through their daily work. This results in new sources of value for both GOJO and our stakeholders, including all those we touch and the environment. We are working to engage all team members in becoming sustainability champions by embracing the three pillars of sustainability and encouraging sustainable practices.

Our thinking and decisions are guided by the five SWOWSM principles outlined in the GOJO Sustainability Policy.

  • Leading & Learning
  • Proactive Continuous Improvement
  • Economic Responsibility
  • Environmental Management & Compliance
  • Stakeholder Collaboration

Infuse SWOWSM throughout GOJO Processes and Culture

Our Purpose and our 2020 Sustainable Value Goals ask each GOJO team member to share the accountability for creating Sustainable Value. Our Enterprise Sustainability Governance Team (ESGT) and various business leaders are stretching our perspectives and thinking, and educating our teams about the possibilities. At an individual level, mindsets are shifting to “how can I do even more good?” We work to empower team members to embrace sustainability as a driver of innovation—encouraging them to collaborate with peers to improve our processes and provide new sources of Sustainable Value.

Early in 2016, we chartered a new SWOWSM Engagement Team, which is comprised of team members from across the enterprise. These teams will help to accelerate shaping the culture and advancing SWOWSM across the enterprise by using a combination of communication, education and engagement methods to integrate sustainability into our thinking and processes. The SWOWSM Engagement team meets often to accomplish their specific objectives to ultimately achieve our 2020 goal of engaging every employee in SWOWSM.

In 2017, the SWOWSM Engagement Team is working to create more awareness through events, communications and promotions. From teaming up with the GOJO United Way Team to hosting an Earth Day recycling event, the team is actively engaging GOJO team members and encouraging sustainability in our daily work.

We are leveraging SWOWSM to develop leaders for today and tomorrow, and by engaging employees in SWOWSM we will find inventive ways to achieve our 2020 Sustainable Value Goals and drive new sources of social, environmental, and economic value for GOJO and our stakeholders.

Business processes are infused with SWOWSM to create Sustainable Value

How We Measure: Number of GOJO processes infused with sustainable value

Note: Only GOJO North America employees are included.

Number of GOJO process infused with SWOWSM

In 2016, we established a team to define the strategy and develop implementation plans for achieving our goals. Our current focus is on the formal integration of SWOW within planned 2017 process updates.

Engage 40% of employees in Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOWSM) by 2020

BHAG: Engage all employees in Sustainable Ways of Working (SWOWSM)

How We Measure: Percentage of employees engaged in Sustainable Value events, communications, projects and process improvements

Note: Only GOJO North America employees are included.

Percentage of employees who participate in SWOWSM events or Sustainable Value Projects

At GOJO we stretch ourselves by setting ambitious goals. This first year of progress helped us better understand the related challenges and opportunities of formally engaging employees in SWOW. Applying the SWOW principle of “Leading and Learning,” we decided to elevate this goal to a BHAG and adopt a more realistic goal of engaging 40% of employees in SWOW by 2020.

Brittany Darrow,
GOJO Healthcare Marketing Associate II

Annual United Way Campaign Event Engages Employees in SWOWSM
In 2016, the SWOWSM Engagement Team and United Way Team partnered to integrate an educational experience around the GOJO 2020 Sustainable Value Strategies and Goals in the GOJO United Way campaign event, “Follow Your Passion.” The event provided examples of what United Way does and how they help people in need by enabling various community organizations who benefit from the campaign to share their work with GOJO team members.

The SWOWSM Engagement team set up a booth to create awareness about its objectives and how our support of the United Way campaign helps to advance social sustainability. The team educated GOJO team members about our 2020 Goals with an interactive exercise and passed out handouts listing actionable examples of SWOWSM to booth visitors. Sustainability-focused items were auctioned off to raise money for the United Way campaign. Using recycled raw material barrels and drain kits, the team built two rain barrels to capture rainwater for irrigation.

Overall, the SWOWSM Engagement Team’s involvement with the United Way campaign was a success, and resulted in employees talking about SWOWSM opportunities beyond environmental sustainability.

Brittany Darrow, GOJO Healthcare Marketing Associate, who co-leads the SWOWSM Engagement team with Roberto Bellino, GOJO Sustainability Analyst, describes this effort saying, “This project is important for GOJO because it helps GOJO team members understand how engaging in the United Way campaign is advancing social sustainability—creating a better quality of life and improving the health and well-being of members in the community.”

“This project is important for GOJO because it helps GOJO team members understand how engaging in the United Way campaign is advancing social sustainability—creating a better quality of life and improving the health and well-being of members in the community.”
GOJO Healthcare Marketing Associate

GOJO | SkillsUSA Collaboration

Earth Day 2016 – What Does Sustainability Mean to GOJO Team Members?
On April 22, 2016, the SWOWSM Engagement Team hosted an event at all GOJO campuses to celebrate Earth Day and sustainability at GOJO. Many GOJO Team Members turned out to show their commitment to SWOWSM. To learn about why sustainability is important to GOJO Team Members, the SWOWSM Engagement Team invited employees to write a personal reflection about sustainability on a wall located on the sixth floor in Jerry’s Place.

“Sustainability is doing your part every day!”
— Misty Lego
Reception Attendant

“Sustainability is the new normal.”
— Anonymous

“Sustainability is important to me because I care about the well-being of people and the planet. It's important to think about our impacts and how they may affect future generations. I want the beauty of the planet to be here when I have kids." 
— Brittany Darrow
Healthcare Marketing Associate II

“Sustainability is critical not only to GOJO, but to society at large. Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability isn't optional or "nice to do". It is consistent with our Purpose and essential to our future.”
— Mark Lerner

“Taking care of the earth is important which is why I plant trees and gardens.”
— Anonymous

“Sustainability is the right approach to life and business. Practicing Sustainable Ways of Working leads to healthier people and a healthier planet - which we only have one of! Sustainability can open the door to new ways of accomplishing existing challenges - ways that use less resources, create less waste, and protect human health - sustainability is ultimately the key to a prosperous, vibrant future!”
— Anonymous

“Make GOJO fit for the future!”
— Anonymous