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Pamela T. Wagner, MSN, RN

Clinical Application Specialist, GOJO

Pamela T. Wagner, MSN, RN, has more than 37 years of experience in the health care arena.  Experience includes providing front-line patient care within a medical unit, the intensive care setting and the emergency department.  She has numerous years of experience as a nurse educator where she coordinated professional development opportunities as well as competency testing.  She has served as a case  manager as well as a performance improvement coordinator.  She also has experience as part of a Magnet Team and Joint Commission Continual Readiness Team. Most recently, she was the Director of Performance Improvement and Nursing Education. She joined GOJO in June of 2013 and serves as a Clinical Application Specialist.
Patient Safety Focus: Healthcare-Associated MRSA in the United States


By Pamela T. Wagner, MSN, RN

Clinical Application Specialist, GOJO

Prevalence and spread of MRSA in U.S. hospitals, risks to patient safety and strategies to eliminate or prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant staph infections

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Electronic Monitoring Systems
Hand Hygiene Is the Best Way to Prevent the Spread of HAIs


By Pamela T. Wagner, MSN, RN

Clinical Application Specialist, GOJO

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) have many negative effects on hospitals and patients—causing thousands of preventable deaths every year and draining valuable resources from the nation’s healthcare system. HAI prevention is typically approached with a bundle of solutions—and hand hygiene is one of the critical components.

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Hand Hygiene Long Term Care LTX
The Truth about Hand Hygiene Compliance in Hospitals


By Pamela T. Wagner, MSN, RN

Clinical Application Specialist, GOJO

May 5, 2014 marks the day that hospitals around the globe join with the World Health Organization to raise awareness for the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign.

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