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Kathy Cunningham, RN, BSEd, CNN

Kathy Cunningham is a Clinical Application Specialist with GOJO Industries and is responsible for providing clinician-based support for GOJO SMARTLINK Hand Hygiene Solutions. Prior to joining GOJO Industries in June 2013, Kathy was a Nephrology Clinical Specialist with a biopharmaceutical company, providing education and clinical support to healthcare providers. In addition to an extensive background in both acute and chronic dialysis settings, Kathy’s experience in nursing also includes Critical Care, Case Management, Transplant and Nurse Education. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Cleveland State University and has been a Certified Nephrology Nurse since 1994.
Electronic Compliance Monitoring is the New Frontier in Hand Hygiene Compliance


By Kathy Cunningham, RN, BSEd, CNN

Did you know that an ICU nurse could have as many as 240 opportunities to perform hand hygiene during a twelve-hour shift?1  But how many of these numerous opportunities are actually taken?

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Hand Hygiene Compliance Systems: Growing Trend in Healthcare


By Kathy Cunningham, RN, BSEd, CNN

Proper performance of hand hygiene at key moments during patient care is the most important means of preventing healthcare associated infections.

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