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Julia Oh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Dr. Oh is an Assistant Professor at the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. Previously, she completed postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health, her Ph.D. in genetics at Stanford University, and her B.A. from Harvard University at the FAS Center for Systems Biology. Her primary research interests focus on using genomic technologies and synthetic biology to explore and engineer the human microbiome--the communities of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that inhabit all areas of the human body and play an integral role in human health. The unifying goal of her laboratory is to understand how microbiota interact with their human host to cause disease, and subsequently to develop microbiome-centric treatment and preventative strategies.
Skin Microbiome Visual Abstract
How Much Does the Skin Microbiome Change Over Time?


By Julia Oh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Like a forest, plain or desert, our skin has different ecologies. We have oily sites like our face and torso, dry sites like our hands and forearms, and moist sites like our feet and armpits. And all over our skin, we have tremendous numbers of microbes—bacteria, fungi and viruses that make up what is called the skin microbiome.

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