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Why Third-Party Product Certifications Matter

Nicole Koharik


By Nicole Koharik

Corporate Communications Director, GOJO Industries

We have had a long-standing reputation for developing high-performing, effective hygiene solutions. Since becoming the first company to launch third-party certified hand soaps (2006) and hand sanitizers (2010), we have seen an increasing interest from our customers wanting to use and offer third-party certified products to support their own sustainability objectives. This is why third-party certifications matter, and why we are committed to doubling global sales from products with third-party certifications by 2020. Today, our third-party certified portfolio is nearly 40% of our global sales.

With third-party certified products, customers don’t need to be experts in green chemistry. They can choose better options for human health and the environment with the knowledge that highly respected, third-party organizations have taken a science-based approach to verify our products’ effectiveness, safety profile, sustainability benefits, and have audited our operations to ensure we are producing them in sustainable ways.

At GOJO, our team of scientists, product managers and regulatory experts work together to understand what third-party certifications are the most important; those that will deliver the greatest social, environmental and economic value to our customers. Then, we develop our products within these requirements and work with the individual third-party organization to provide the necessary documentation, testing and feedback required for approval.

We are proud to offer the world’s largest portfolio of third-party certified hand hygiene products, as well as a portfolio of breakthrough PURELL® Surface Disinfecting and Sanitizing products, which have the fastest overall disinfection times for bacteria and viruses over any other EPA Design for the Environment-certified product. Providing our customers with well-being solutions that are better for people and the planet is what matters most.

We invite you to learn more about our third-party certified product portfolio on our website.

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