Studies have shown that more than 80% of all illnesses are transmitted by hand,1 and providing easy access to PURELL® hand sanitizer as part of a complete hand hygiene program is important to maintaining the health and well-being of public safety forces.

Germ Solutions for Public Safety
Fight Germs on All Fronts Whether in the field or in the office, GOJO products can help prevent the spread of germs. And with PURELL® products available in a variety of formulations and dispensing options, including wipes and personal-size containers, you can meet your staff’s hand hygiene needs. Create a custom solution

Reducing Absenteeism in Public Safety
Proven Products The science behind hand hygiene proves that keeping hands clean is one of the best ways to control the spread of infection and illness.2 Using GOJO® foam soaps, PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer and PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes can improve well-being and reduce absenteeism in the field. See the studies

GOJO Products for Public Safety
Safe, Healthy, Compliant Major health organizations recommend – and in some cases require – employers to make hand-washing facilities or antiseptics available to employees to prevent infections from bloodborne pathogens. GOJO helps protect public safety workers by meeting these standards. Find the products you need

GOJO Dispensing for Public Safety
Reliable and Secure GOJO dispensers can withstand tough everyday use, and with SANITARY SEALED™ refills, maintenance is easy. With a broad portfolio of accessories and dispensing systems, GOJO provides infection control for your facility, while maintaining safety in general population areas of your facility. Find out how

PURELL™ Professional Surface Disinfectant
Powerful Germ Kill,
PURELL™ Peace of Mind.

The brand you’ve trusted to fight germs on hands for over 25 years has revolutionized the way we disinfect and clean surfaces. PURELL™ Professional Surface Disinfectant eliminates 99.999% of germs on surfaces, including cold & flu viruses and Norovirus in just 30 seconds. Made with PURELL TOUCHABLE™ Technology and featuring a fresh citrus scent, our new surface spray is formulated for food contact surfaces, and is proven effective on countertops, stainless steel, stone and more.

Discover PURELL Professional Surface Disinfectant
  1. 2013 meta-analysis of germ transmission data by Dr. Charles Gerba, University of Arizona