Teach Hand Hygiene Every Day

Students and teachers are at their best when they’re healthy. That’s why an effective hand hygiene solution is so important – and why GOJO makes it easy to create an atmosphere where clean hands are just the beginning. With educational and incentive programs, you can make hand hygiene fun – and be rewarded for it.

Reduce Absenteeism Hand hygiene is one of the most important steps in preventing illness. Research has shown that classrooms that use PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer regularly and have implemented the GOJO® Healthy Hands Campaign experienced a 51% drop in absenteeism.* See the statistics

GOJO K-12 Schools Solutions
Proven Performance GOJO® hand soaps and PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer can help create a safe and healthy learning environment. Washing hands is just the beginning, though. PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes can sanitize hands and are gentle on skin, so students can focus on learning. See the products

PURELL™ Professional Surface Disinfectant
Powerful Germ Kill,
PURELL™ Peace of Mind.

The brand you’ve trusted to fight germs on hands for over 25 years has revolutionized the way we disinfect and clean surfaces. PURELL™ Professional Surface Disinfectant eliminates 99.999% of germs on surfaces, including cold & flu viruses and Norovirus in just 30 seconds. Made with PURELL TOUCHABLE™ Technology and featuring a fresh citrus scent, our new surface spray is formulated for food contact surfaces, and is proven effective on countertops, stainless steel, stone and more.

Discover PURELL Professional Surface Disinfectant

GOJO K-12 Schools Solutions
Durable Dispensers Students can be hard on facilities. That’s why GOJO dispensers are reliable and easy to maintain. You can find a dispensing solution for any location, from gymnasiums to food prep areas. Plus, with customization options, you can put a personal touch on your dispensers. Create a healthy learning environment

GOJO K-12 Schools Solutions
Environmentally-Conscious We’re committed to making a positive impact, just like you. With a wide selection of environmentally sustainable products that are green certified by EcoLogo™ and meet the USDA BioPreferred standards, you can reinforce your facility’s commitment to the environment. See our Green Hygiene products

GOJO K-12 Schools Solutions
Earn Extra Credit Keeping students and faculty healthy shouldn’t be a thankless job. That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to earn free PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer for your school. When you purchase GOJO® foaming hand soaps, you’ll earn credits that can be used for eligible products. Start earning