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for Athletic Facilities

The PURELL® Brand

Signal Your Facility’s Commitment to Excellence

Give your athletes the competitive advantage they need with the brand that’s proven to help them stay healthy and in the game. Through a recent outcome study, we’ve found that a comprehensive hygiene and surface disinfection program can significantly reduce germs in athletic facilities.


95% Bacteria Reduction1 Shown in Study

The PURELL SOLUTION™ Can Keep Your Athletes Healthier

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80% Have a More Positive Impression2

PURELL® Products Have a Halo Effect

The PURELL SOLUTION™ Our scientifically proven solution features everything you need to maximize your infection prevention program. From trusted formulations and innovative dispensing systems to educational materials and training tools, you can feel confident knowing your athletes are protected from illness.
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Keep Your Facility Healthy

The PURELL SOLUTION™ for Athletic Facilities is proven to reduce the spread of germs on hands & surfaces.

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The most trusted brand in hospitals offers athletes the protection they need to perform their best.

Hear from a Survivor

Get a first-hand account of the effects of MRSA, and how you can lower the risk of infection in your facility.

Educational and Training Materials

Get the most from The PURELL SOLUTION™ with these downloadable materials.

Send a Message with Personalized Dispensers

Reinforce your brand while promoting health and well-being in your facility by adding your logo to PURELL® dispensers and stands. Learn More »

Dispenser Personalization for Athletic Facilities

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The PURELL SOLUTION™ for Athletic Facilities includes formulation and dispensing options to meet the needs of your facility.

1. Collaborative Study with University Hospitals; Submission for Peer-Reviewed Publication Underway.
2. GOJO Industries, Inc., External Market Research, Study # 007-021, 2014.