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Assure Quality Resident Care

Families conduct thorough "quality of care" evaluations before placing loved ones in extended care. They research. They question. And they visit, looking for attention to detail in your care. In a community setting where germs easily spread, observed hand hygiene and skin care practices are key indicators.

GOJO has built a comprehensive solution for long term care facilities, based on insights achieved by immersing ourselves in your world to discover barriers to hand hygiene compliance, best practices for skin care and ways to assure families of your attention to quality care.

GOJO Total Solutions for Long Term Care

  • Highly visible hand hygiene compliance programs that help reduce the spread of germs through handwashing and easy access to PURELL® - the brand people know and trust
  • Quality PROVON® bathing and skin care products, with fragrances, moisturizers and aesthetics that provide a pleasant, home-like feel
  • Proven effective moisturizing, bathing and perineal care formulas, plus staff training on how to best use our products to provide nourishing care for residents’ aged, at risk skin
  • A variety of dispensing options, including touch free systems and other ADA-compliant options

Explore our complete program and learn how GOJO can help you use hand hygiene and skin care as key tools for providing quality care.

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Ebola Outbreak Updates

Now Available! Resident & Visitor Educational Programs to increase hand hygiene awareness.

Resident & Visitor Programs

Help educate your residents and visitors with GOJO hand hygiene awareness programs.

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Did You Know

"Infection Control is in OUR Hands" Patient & Visitor Education

GOJO community awareness programs help you educate residents and visitors on the benefits of good hand hygiene.

Programs include:

  • Brochure
  • Poster
  • Meal Tray Card
  • Screen Saver
  • Button

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