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PURELL® Advanced Moisturizing Foam Hand Rub

This green certified moisturizing foam hand rub has six different moisturizers for optimal skin conditioning. Clinically proven to improve skin condition in 14 days(1). This scientifically advanced, patent-pending 70% formulation outperforms other leading hand sanitizers milliliter for milliliter(2). Clinically proven to help maintain skin health(3). Compatible with latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves, and CHG. Meets EcoLogo™ hand sanitizer standard CCD-170 for environmental leadership and proven performance. Made from 100% naturally renewable ethanol. Readily biodegradable non-aerosol foam formula. Fragrance free and dye free.

1. Clinical field study #2011-F10232, April 2011 and clinical field study #2011-F10233, April 2011.
2. When tested using the ASTM E 1174 Healthcare Personnel Handwash test methodology, against other hand sanitizers commonly used in healthcare facilities, Study # 110103-101, April 5, 2011; # 100907-101, January 6, 2011; 111209-101, March 8, 2012; BioScience Laboratories, Bozeman, MT.
3. Clinical field study #2011-F10232, April 2011 and clinical field study #2011-F10233, April 2011.

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Visitor Wellness Center by PURELL

  • Combines PURELL, tissues, masks and awareness-building signage
  • PURELL TFX Touch Free Dispenser
    • Touch-free, trouble-free
    • Up to 30,000 uses from three C-size alkaline batteries (included)
    • Dove Gray with matte finish
    • Fully ADA compliant, UL/CE registered
    • Three-year guarantee
  • Mineral Gray Floor Stand
    • Allows PURELL placement anywhere
    • Two different sign options available
  • Stand, bracket, sign and and dispenser all sold separately
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PURELL® Advanced Moisturizing Foam Hand Rub

  • Fresh dispensing valve with each refill
  • Refill snaps in place with audible click

PURELL® TFX™ Touch Free Dispenser


TFX™ 1200 mL Refill

2424-DSPURELL® TFX™ Floor Stand - Mineral Gray1
2428-MBMask Bracket1
2429-TBTissue Bracket1

Health Canada Standards and Factors Influencing the Clinical Effectiveness of Alcohol-based Hand Rub (ABHR)
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Hand Hygiene and Skin Damage Whitepaper
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Unprecedented germ kill – in every milliliter


PURELL® Advanced Hand Rub family
of instant hand sanitizers offers highly
efficacious antimicrobial activity while
maintaining optimal skin health.

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Did You Know

A study showed that the frequency of handwashing with mild soap appears to increase the risk of skin dryness, but the frequency of disinfection with an ABHR is not associated with increased hand dryness. The type of soap and ABHR used were also significantly correlated to skin dryness.1

1. Chamorey E. et al. (2011) A prospective multicenter study evaluating skin tolerance to standard hand hygiene techniques. AM J Infection Control 2011:39:6-13.

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