Lotion Soap

PROVON® Gentle Lotion Soap

A natural lotion soap with moisturizers to condition hands while cleaning. Mild formula with aloe and vitamins A&E. Suitable for general-purpose use. Dye-free; produces a rich, clean-rinsing lather. Fresh, clean fragrance.

PROVON® Medicated Lotion Soap with Triclosan

Medicated hand cleanser with 0.3% triclosan, combines effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity with skin conditioners and emollients. Passes Healthcare Personnel Handwash testing. Helps reduce germs that may cause infections. Light citrus floral fragrance.

PROVON® Mild Lotion Soap

Natural lotion soap with conditioners that leave hands feeling clean and soft. Contains moisturizing emollients. Gentle for use by both patients and staff. Pearl blue color and fresh, orchid fragrance.

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