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GOJO Timeline

1946     GOJO founded by Goldie and Jerry Lippman. Invented GOJO® Hand Cleaner, the first waterless hand cleaner to effectively clean and rinse off easily.
1952 Invented and patented the world's first portion-control hand cleaner dispenser to solve the customer-identified problem of product waste.
1965 Created GOJO Hand Cleaner with Pumice, a formula that helps clean hands faster.
1983 Entered the commercial hand cleaning business with liquid soaps in dispensing systems using GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refills, a more hygienic alternative to bar soap or bulk soap dispensers.
1988 Invented PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer for use in foodservice as part of a wash/sanitize regimen and in healthcare to supplement handwashing in emergency situations where employees were unable to get to soap and water.
1989 Introduced PROVON®, a line of specialized soaps and skin care products specifically formulated for care givers and recipients of care in the the healthcare industry.
1991 Expanded into the European market. Founded GOJO Europe.
1991 Formulated a specialized line of hand cleaners and skin care products for the manufacturing market, which included durable dispensing systems and refills that utilized GOJO SANITARY SEALED™ refill technology.
1996 Introduced tools to build hand hygiene compliance in critical industries like healthcare and foodservice, where lack of handwashing was identified as a serious health risk. Tools included the SIGNOL™ Handwash Counter, a device installed inside GOJO dispensers to measure handwash frequency.
1996 Entered Japanese market. Founded GOJO Japan.
1997 Launched PURELL Hand Sanitizer as a consumer product. It soon became a household name and America's #1 hand sanitizer.
1997 Introduced a skin care regimen for workers in the automotive and industrial markets that not only got hands clean, but is guaranteed to improve skin condition with two weeks of regular use. The regimen involves combining the least aggressive hand cleaner with GOJO HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner.
1998 Introduced HEALTHY HANDS. HEALTHY KIDS.®, a comprehensive education curriculum focused on teaching children about hand hygiene in order to establish healthy habits to last a lifetime.
1999 Entered the Latin America market. Founded GOJO Latina America.
2001 Introduced GOJO NXT®, a line of high capacity liquid soap dispensers that minimize wall space.
2002 Launched the PURELL PORTAL Program to guide healthcare professionals on strategic placement of PURELL dispensers to make hand hygiene easily accessible, thereby helping to reduce the spread of infection.
2002 Introduced GOJO FMX™, a system combining luxury foam soaps with advanced dispensing technology.
2005 Introduced PURELL package designs to meet special needs for military use, specialized formulas for foodservice, food processing and healthcare, and hand sanitizing wipes.
2005 Launched hand hygiene programs for food processing, foodservice and health & fitness markets.
2006 Developed PURELL Surgical Scrub, providing a fast, effective way for healthcare professionals to prep for surgery.
2006 Expanded dispensing system portfolio to include touch-free wall-mount and counter-mount systems.  
2006 Introduced GOJO Green Certified Hand Cleaners, the first to be certified by both Green Seal™ and EcoLogoCM as meeting their joint standard (GS-41/CCD-104) for hand cleaners and hand soaps.
2008 Created new dispensing options and programs to allow PURELL hand sanitizer placement anywhere, including freestanding dispensers for public settings, wipes dispensers for grocery stores and high-capacity wipes dispensers for health clubs.

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