Perineal Care

PROVON® perineal care products offer a wide variety of care options for patients. From waterless cleansers to protective moisturizers, you can find a full line of products that let you take the best care of your patients, and long-term care residents.

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PROVON® Perineal Wash


PROVON® Perineal Wash 8 fl oz Spray Bottle
Gentle, no rinse alternative to soap and water.

PROVON® Antibacterial Perineal Wash


PROVON® Antibacterial Perineal Wash 8 fl oz Spray Bottle
A no-rinse cleanser for incontinent care that deoderizes and kills germs.

PROVON® 3~in~1 Wash Cream


PROVON® 3~in~1 Wash Cream 8 fl oz Squeeze Bottle
One-step perineal wash that cleans, moisturizers and helps reduce odors.