PROVON® Antimicrobial Foam Handwash
with 2% CHG

Trusted Efficacy. Unexpected Mildness.

PROVON® Antimicrobial Foam Handwash with 2% CHG is one of our most effective and gentle formulations yet and keeps healthcare workers’ hands both clean and healthy. This all-new formula exceeds FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash requirements1 and is just as mild as our top-selling non-antimicrobial soap.2

  • Efficacy improves with repeated use3
  • Broad spectrum kill against gram negative and gram positive bacteria
  • Fast acting; rapidly kills transient and resident microorganisms on the skin3
  • Approved by FDA as both a general handwash and as a surgical scrub for healthcare
  1. Exceeds FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash requirements.
  2. GOJO SCLC Study #2015-12-I10484 Antibacterial (CHG-TCS-PCMX-BAK) 4D-48X FCAT II.
  3. Meets FDA requirements for Healthcare Personnel Handwash (transient microorganisms) and Surgical Hand Scrub (resident microorganisms).

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