A New Standard in Hand Hygiene

PURELL Single Use Product Family

PURELL SINGLES® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Packs

The brand hospitals trust most to prevent infection now offers a convenient, efficacious hand hygiene solution that patients can use wherever they are - in areas where sanitizer isn’t otherwise available.

  • Accessible - Even when conventional hand sanitizer dispensing isn’t available, patients saw a 2.8x improvement in accessibility1
  • Preferred - A recent survey showed that 80% of patients liked PURELL SINGLES® packets as a convenient form of hand hygiene1
  • Convenient - 83% of patients agree that PURELL SINGLES® Hand Sanitizer Packets give them the ability to sanitize without leaving their bed1

PURELL Single Use Use Case Groupings

Personal, Portable – PURELL SINGLES® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Packs

  • Point of care and on-the-go staff use
  • Meal Trays: sanitizing patient's hands before they eat their meals
  • Medical kits (IV/Central Line, PIC Catheter, Cardio/Vascular Catheter)
  • Patient Admissions
  • Reception
  • Nurses Station

Hand Hygiene When You Need It

PURELL SINGLES® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Packs combine FDA-required efficacy with the convenience of a compact, easy-to-use hand hygiene solution that can be operated with one hand, in 3 easy steps.

Position finger on center

Position finger on center

Press down to bend

Press down to bend

Squeeze to release product

Squeeze to release product

1. GOJO Industries, Inc., External Market Research, 003-094 NA AC KDM END-USER PURELL SINGLES IN-MARKET EXPERIMENTS 2018, 28 November 2018

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PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Single Use


PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Single Use 2000 Individual Packets in Bulk Packed Shipper
Refreshing gel.

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